The Peaceful Bay Beanie Co was founded by Jo Court and Sarah Walker.

The women met at playgroup when they were both living in the deep south west of Western Australia near the picturesque settlements of Nornalup and Peaceful Bay, respectively. Jo has recently moved to Perth. They have chosen to take this unexpected event as an opportunity to grow their business.

Sharing a love of knitting, Jo and Sarah collaborate to design a range of unique hand knit beanies in fun and practical styles using a combination of 100% Australian wool and contemporary yarns. They also produce a range of cotton headscarves and sunhats, tea cosies and bags.

Recently a team of local women have contributed their knitting services to help keep up with increasing demand.

The Beanie Co has become well known at local markets.

Jo and Sarah are continuing to focus on taking their knitting to a more artistic level. The first exhibition, K2tog, was held in the beautiful Petrichor Gallery in Walpole. A great deal of fun was had producing knitted moths, vegetables, homewares and some delightful knitted hearts. 

During 2017/18 Jo and Sarah have put entries into

LittleBIG Art Prize

Cervantes Art Exhibition

Canning Show Tea Cosy competition

Nornalup Art Prize

Mandurah Wearable Arts